Why Do We Help Others?

It should go without question that every person, as a member of society, has a compassion for those who have grief. We show compassion towards those in need or suffering.

We shouldn't need to ask ourselves about this.

Instead, we should question ourselves: why are we afraid of being more generous?

And every person will answer this question in his approach. If we do something good every day by helping others, we make our world a bit better, kinder, happier. And the feeling of being part of someone's happiness, especially to the joy of a child, cannot compare to anything else; it's precious.

Intellectual enrichment is more valuable than financial.

Care not only about financial enrichment, but intellectual too. Everyone can help adults and children. All you need for this is your desire to help. Those who think that relief can only be financial are mistaken. Happiness does not start with money, and it does not end there. Love is more important. Life in the absence of love does not mean anything by itself. Understanding and compassion are highly important for a happy life too. It's more precious for any person to feel believed in, that others are ready to help, even when alien.

Not only material help is important. Many people only need your participation, some need advice or a conversation. If you have any resources, knowledge, or time, share them with others. Maybe you are the person who doesn't stare at a beautiful life in pictures but who creates this sort of life. Maybe you are the one who will change someone's destiny and give a chance to people in need for a BETTER LIFE. Just think about it. The world your children will live in tomorrow is being created by your hands today. Everyone can find a couple of hours monthly to think about someone else. Everyone can find some money, some things that he does not need anymore, still in good condition, a desire to play with someone, to teach others something good or interesting. All these small kind deeds can bring us to a kinder world tomorrow. And, you know what, nobody has become poorer by helping others.

The fundamental part of humanity – helping others

How beautiful this world could be if we all band together and help people. When tragedies occur, the stories of helping the victims become so inspiring. Through help, nations recover from various disasters or terrorist attacks much faster. We know many professions devoted to other people – from police that protect us from crime to firefighting services and medical workers. At the same time, it's not necessary to help others through your workplace. You can do it every day as an individual no matter what your profession is. Regardless of the widespread opinion, giving others is not always a selfless act, in fact helping other people can also help you. It's the very key to motivation in life.

Here are some reasons why giving to others actually means helping yourself.

- A favour for a favour! Have you noticed that the more you give, the more you get in response? Almost any move is fuelled this way. Good deeds always come back to you.

- Karma goes both ways. When doing wrong, you will finally be found out by something bad also, but when you help others, something good will always happen to you.

- It feels good to do good. It's such a nice feeling! You see the gratitude of others, see others being happy, smiles on faces and joy. It's definitely worth it.

- Other people notice those who do good. It's about your good reputation. Even a small, kind gesture can work miracles.
Join SAFE NATIONS to do good

If you don't know where or how to start, find out more about charity projects and organisations. Safe Nations is one of them. It has many volunteers. and gathers food and other various items to distribute between poor or suffering people in countries like Bangladesh, Philippines, India, and Pakistan. There are many people who suffer as a result of military conflicts or other calamities in these countries. We are proud of this kind of initiative; together we are changing this world for the better.

If you cannot give financial help, there are many other things you can do for charity. We always need more volunteers, and you can become of them. Even if it's simply to subscribe to our news and spread information about Safe Nations, you will greatly contribute to this kind of movement. Making this world a better place is very important by itself; every small step is valuable.

Imagine that you can wake up in a world of happy people, without poverty, pain, full of compassion, and participation. Even though it's hard, we are striving for this in the way we can. And together, we are much stronger. Join the initiative, and make your own contribution to global happiness!
You don't have to be a millionaire to help people in your area and change their lives for good. You just need to open your heart...
Ivan Lakshinsky, Executive director of East West Connect
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Slums are traditionally described as dense urban settlements, usually displaying characteristics such as crowded and compact housing units, informal delivery of utilities, and unofficial recognition by local government. In the Philippines, residents of slum areas are commonly referred to as "squatters" and have historically been subject to relocation or forced demolition. With a steadily growing metropolitan area, Metro Manila is subject to a densifying population of slum dwellers—a 2014 article states that Manila has an estimated 4 million people living in slums
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