Safe Nations
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How Safe Nations Alliance was formed

January 2020 fundamentally changed the view of the world community and its instability. When the Covid-19 virus appeared, no one was responsible for the deaths and restrictions with which people had to live on. Fear has taken on new horizons, affecting absolutely all aspects of human life.

It has become clear to us that technological advances will lead to total analysis of every human breath as it is already used in the special services and marketing departments of major corporations.

We live in an era of total control and illusory perception of the world imposed by Big Brother. The big game where people are just pawns. The army and police are now only pretending to protect the territories and people of these countries. These structures have become instruments of geopolitical games and the suppression of the population of the countries and guard interest of capitals. All who disobey will be wiped out.

This is not the way it should be in our world and people understand this, but most want to live in peace and cooperation, the instigators of conflict and provocateurs of terror are not ordinary citizens, but their subjects and mercenaries.

The world is divided into those who are used and those who are not under the new system of world order, the latter have the courage to stand up for themselves and their families, to speak their truth and to be a free individual with a free will of choice.

The Team
In 2020, we created a great team of volunteers who risked their lives to help their fellow countrymen in spite of their own difficulties.

During Coronastreet we fed families in Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Georgia and gave them hope that these people, like us, have the opportunity to live and grow. It is unethical to write numbers and different kinds of statistics when you are helping good people, it elevates your own Ego, which has already brought the richest countries into poverty.

We would rather write statistics on the growth of talents, happy families, progressive projects that change the world for the better rather than show the growth of capitalization, the community of countries that have agreed and resolved the dispute without getting into war with each other. These are the indicators we should be proud of and report on in the media. After all, the media is full of only negative information that feeds people's minds and leads them into a chaotic mood of danger.

One of the key objectives of the Safe Nations mission is to show people positive examples and motivate them to do the same without fear.

Thank you for your big hearts
Khuram Waqas
SNA member from Pakistan
Mahendra Kumar Jain
SNA member from India
Omar Yasser Mallick
SNA member from Bangladesh
Muhammad Tariq
Volunteer from Pakistan
Volunteer from Philippines
David Phurtskhvanidze
SNA member from Georgia
During the Coronastreet Humanitarian Project, we unanimously made the following statements:
A lot of people have responded to help their community because they know their problems, we have raised enough money to feed families in five regions during the pandemic. People want to help and cooperate, to develop their community without intermediaries and they are doing a great job.
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