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The Time Of Action
Secure Intellectual Protocol of Idividual Unique Measure
"new technological breakthrough will influence the transition to digital economy supplying decent income to everybody."
future of social economy
The tool will allow companies to smartly allocate advertising budgets and enable people to earn rewards for their actions. The system will be based on quality rewards to individuals for their efforts and applied skills.
The development of such a system solves a number of problems:
hunger and lack of jobs
budget oversupply
economic inequality
Detailed solutions and project milestones are available upon individual request. Email us at with "SIPIUM" in the subject line and we will send you detailed project documentation.

We are also looking for talented young people in the project development team, as the project is very large-scale, we continue to recruit. If you are a creative, ambitious thinker, and if the crisis is just a space for new opportunities for you, we will definitely consider your candidacy. Send an email to with the subject line "SIPIUM COMMAND" and attach your CV with links to your portfolio.
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