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Positive social change – why is it so important?

What do we mean by positive social change?

First of all, what do we mean by "positive social change"? The inter-human relationship has specific established standards as well as the human standard of conduct – through certain positive modifications such as – religious, cultural, technological, scientific, demographic, political – we can find the way will lead us to a better world and brighter future for our children.

Positive social development could be accomplished through changes in social and human conditions. It may happen at many levels, in public organizations, communities, families, governments. Positive social change has nothing to do with demagogy – it's where ideas transform into actions and have real positive consequences.

A significant role in this magical transformation belongs to education. More specifically, it's about the two critical elements of education – socialization and knowledge transmission. At school children acquire moral, social, cultural values, they gain a sense of responsibility and civic duty, some of them show leadership qualities and, supported by teachers, they develop these qualities and become potential leaders and influential individuals.

Togetherness Vs global mischief

Presently we can see how much-divided countries become. Socially, economically, politically – nationalism and fundamentalism have their walls raising and dividing people. Society needs to come to an imperative of togetherness. Diplomats build such imperative, governmental authorities, business people, influential figures, politicians and economists. Only when we unite, we can overcome the global oppression; we can find hope and fight together for a more stable and happier global society. Your role in this process is important too.

Opportunities to make the world a better place can be found in many ways – management, politics, trade, technology, economics. Striving for happiness, humankind relies on rhetoric, culture, work, education, altruism, inclusiveness. Many of these aspects do not cost much.

Conflicts between people often occur due to cultural differences caused by the lack of familiarity. Things that seem unfamiliar may arouse fear, uncertainty and even anger which result in hatred, discrimination, disrespect and even violence. Think of how many conflicts and victims we could avoid by improving empathy and togetherness among people? A tolerant attitude to different cultures, mutual embracing can be achieved through education and spreading positive information – tolerance is one of the essential qualities of a mature human being. Ask yourself, are you ready to come into a dialogue, to accept a different point of view, to compromise, to support others?

It all starts with you

The global society is already striving to create this very positive social change. You can contribute in many ways and become a part of this movement. There is no need to search for additional motivation because we speak about the better world as the final result. It's also about the attitude – it is so much important, though hard, to stay positive regardless of tragedies, calamities, conflicts and disasters occurring around us. The worst thing is to give up and lose hope. Together we can build a better future and give to our children as the most precious gift.

Positive changes begin with your mindset and skillset. It's hard to believe that you can play any role in the process, but you certainly do. It all starts with you! To give this world another chance, open your mind to differences, embrace representatives of other cultures and start treating them with respect. Find this courage inside of you and do not treat it as weakness! Build productive dialogues and avoid conflicts. Accept the truth – it is impossible to achieve togetherness and positive social change in the absence of this tolerance based on the mindset and skillset. Start with minor things. Ask yourself what skills, knowledge and experience you have to share with others, where you can help physically, emotionally, morally? In which ways you can participate in positive social change with your wealth of knowledge and skills?
Safe Nation – the power of togetherness

In the era of communication, when the whole world is on your palm, it's easy to reach any corner of the planet. If you need a starting point, you can join Safe Nation – the organization founded as part of the charity project Corona Street covering several countries where people need your help. We join together to make this world a better place through positive social change, altruism, love and tolerance. Our team has people from different countries – all of them are united but the same intention to be useful.

We are building human resources, grow strength, provisions, foodbanks, clothes and other necessary and essential products to deliver them to those in need. Join our movement to restore the faith in humanity, to do something significant in your life. Become one of our volunteers or donate to our project, spread information about Safe Nation and subscribe to our news. We are stronger together! Even the smallest contribution to our movement makes this world a bit better. Do not remain uninvolved when others suffer and die. Play your role for the positive social change. Better future begins with you.
You don't have to be a millionaire to help people in your area and change their lives for good. You just need to open your heart...
Ivan Lakshinsky, Executive director of East West Connect
Philippines, Life in Manila Slums!

Slums are traditionally described as dense urban settlements, usually displaying characteristics such as crowded and compact housing units, informal delivery of utilities, and unofficial recognition by local government. In the Philippines, residents of slum areas are commonly referred to as "squatters" and have historically been subject to relocation or forced demolition. With a steadily growing metropolitan area, Metro Manila is subject to a densifying population of slum dwellers—a 2014 article states that Manila has an estimated 4 million people living in slums

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