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Each of us wants to live in a world of kindness, nobility, purity and justice. We believe that we can achieve this together, leading our capabilities to a sustainable and safe world. With the uniting minds, we can build a future that will lead a new generation to the creation and not consumption, for the prosperity of all nations.

Protecting human rights, environment.
Sharing cultures, technologies.
Giving knowledge, opportunities.

Projects we develop in SN
We are producing various projects in countries we serve, giving opportunities fo our volunteers to lead their nation to prosperity, introducing new skills which will support local families. We believe that to stop violence and disorder; people have to do work and develop their area where they live themselves. Slothfulness creates criminals. Good and exciting work creates a sustainable world around us!
Oil production (India)
Before the global economies, every village had its own production, people lived on their land and had work. Everyone was happy and wealthy. Due to building mass production which is better for corporations and export in large quantities, people had to move away from their homes to find jobs and work for factories. However we believe that the time has come to return work to their locals, return jobs and villages, wealth and happiness. We are planning to make plant oil production to support labor in local areas of India.
Sewing center (Pakistan)
In less developed areas of Pakistan are many families with only a mother to feed her children. Due to the coronavirus pandemic situation, many mothers have lost their jobs and have no income. We want to help these mothers by organising Sewing centers near their homes, so they could take up new skills and work close to their homes, producing clothes which then will be sold in the local market and distributed to bigger cities.
Computer centers
It is hard to provide with an interned every village in Asia, it is also costly, and we hope soon it would be possible. However, if we could make some computer centres and a teacher who will teach the locals programming, project development, administration, designs, etc., - people will go and work in these centres, earning enough to feed their families.
Educational Assessment Tools
Schools are still closed in some countries due to Covid-19 spread. Children have to study at their homes and have no books or assessment tools. We have to provide them with materials they could use to continue their education.
Plastic recycling
Wasted plastic is FREE now. It is a waste, however if we can reproduce it, we can sell it again and earn for people who live near this waste. We want to make world clean and safe.
Alternative energy
Solar Power Energy at the moment is one of the growing alternatives. However there are many more which could be developed in less economically developed countries. For example in Bangladesh there are many water resorses to use it for hydro-energy, also in some areas of Philippines it is better to use geo-thermal energy resources.
If you wish to participate to our foundation and projects to give your support to struggling people, families, children, please press the button below. Your support counts and adds up to make big changes in people's lives.
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our mission
About one-quarter of the world population living below the poverty line. Natural disasters such as Cover-19 displaced thousands of families and worsened already frail economy. Children are facing severe challenges such as lack of food, medicine support, education and leaving on the street. With Safe Nation team and your participation can give them a future they deserve.
Safe Nation reflects the real trust in Pakistan
There are villages in Pakistan, which are isolated from civilised cities. These areas are very poor however people are very kind and were happy to receive the food bags for their families. We will continue supporting these places.
Safe Nation in Pakistan
Lead by Khuram's team
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Building safe and secure schools and helping teachers to provide high quality education.
Building global security teams to protect homes and support people's lives.
Helping children in times of crisis like Covid-19 pandemic and natural disaster, conflict and disease outbreaks.
Let's build these children a future
they deserve
Money spent on food and medical support
People are supported with food and medical products
You don't have to be a millionaire to help people in your area and change their lives for good. You just need to open your heart...
Ivan Lakshinsky, Executive director of East West Connect
Why people need our help
High mortality
34 out of 1000 children in Asia die before their 5th birthday, mostly from preventable causes. Although remarkable progress was made in child survival in the past few decades, 19 189 children in Nepal died in 2018 alone.
No education
770 000 children aged 5-12 years are out of school. Attendance in early childhood education is still low at 51 percent. Key barriers to enrollment and attendance include poverty, social exclusion, disability, migration, child labour, social norms and gender bias.
Natural disasters
In 2020, during pandemic isolation, many family members have lost their work and couldn't feed their families any more. This led to a rise of criminal activity and poverty.
Also severe rainy seasons could brake the poverty line even more. Mass migration could cause and rise of hungry people in more economically developed countries.
1.7 million people were affected, 20 880 families displaced and 43 400 homeless in South Asian countries need support from the world organisations.
Helping people with mental disabilities
Another Indian team member Sankar, gave a good support from Coronastreet and Safe Nation to local Emmanuel Trust.Our team was greeted very friendly and warmly.
This Trust gives support to people with mental struggles. At least they can stay inside, however they are sleeping on the floor, because there is no money to buy beds and we are looking for the ways to give these people a kind support.
With real help we can prevent starvation growth and the risk health problems. The teams will provide a package for the Covid 19 victims families

5 KG
Yellow Lentils
2 KG
1 KG
1 KG
Cooking Oil
1 Litre
1 Pcs
Oral Saline
4 Pcs
Safe Nation reflects the real trust in India
During our mission in India we meet so many nice people on the way, ready to support their nation. People live below the poverty line and still have smile on their faces. Its incredible. These people have to survive to live. They have no home, only the land they are standing on. We will continue our mission across other areas in India very soon to help these wonderful people and their children.
Safe Nation in India
Lead by Mahendra's Team
Paradise of 7000 islands and poor citizens
More than a quarter of the Philippines' 105.7 million people live in dire poverty. The reasons are many: rapid population growth, inadequate social infrastructure, slow growth of rural productivity and lack of access to credit. While the country has made great strides in development, much of the population is still employed in the informal economy, running small businesses not recognized by the government and eking out a living day to day. These are the people in need of microfinance.
Who's holding the mission on Philippines?
Mia is our team leader in Philippines, she is well organised and supportive person. Also she teaches English and works with children.

On 3rd of June, 2020, in the framework of the CORONASTREET and SAFE NATION projects, we held a charity event CoronaFREEstreet, which was organized by Europe Studies Labor (ESL) Georgia with the support of the partner organization East West Connect LLC (USA).
The purpose of the action was to provide humanitarian assistance (in the form of essential goods and food packages) to poor citizens affected by the pandemic. This action was thoroughly planned in one of the central areas of Tbilisi - on David Agmashenebeli Avenue. The beneficiaries of the shares in the specified area turned out to be more than two hundred people (more precisely - 236 units). The data was kindly provided to us from the Katharsis organization (the house of mercy). Our action turned out to be very successful without stress and fear.
We plan to continue the campaigns in other cities and streets of Georgia, as well as in the main streets of Sukhumi and Tskhinvali. Georgian authorities, deputies of different levels may be involved in the action.
David Phurtskhvanidze , CEO of ESL Georgia
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