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SNA Mission

Our mission is at the core of humanity. We are modern world supporters, here to help others during challenging times. Nobody has to be alone anymore, we are here to unite the world into a one Alliance, showing solidarity, peace and love to the others.

Every day, when we encounter difficulties, we must move forward and offer new incredible ideas. On the one hand, some people believe in a hi-tech happy future, where human IQ is ahead of AI and present a positive look for our future. The future where peace and good reign. On the other hand, we see a destructive future, where the is the only system of organized global power and total control over each one of us. We need to make the right choice. it was always like this through the centuries. However, throughout history, we have learned what is good and bad, if we forget the knowledge from our Elders, we will have to learn the same lesson, over and over again. This time we have to open our hearts, the best characters and intelligence which was developed by our grandparents, leading us from global fear into a new technological world.

The world is always changing, and we will always see so many things unfamiliar to us. We must change with the world and adapt to the new rules of life. If the speculators earn on our fears, then we shall earn on their fears and ignorance.

SNA Initiatives covers all social and cultural events related to global society. We invite all who come to share their new sensations of life and a new perception of the world. From our side, we will share and present new abilities which would help in the new world. Our Safe Nation organization helps countries cope with a decline in hunger and injustice. We owe a lot to our partners, partner countries, as well as volunteer teams across the globe.

We are not conspiracy theorists and do not urge to join their ranks. We urge you to personal sanity, understand everything you need, understand yourself and look at the world with sober eyes. When we catch that feeling, we will learn that no one has the right to dictate anything to us. We will find our true human nature and enter the future in the truth of the united world.

Our mission won't be so effective and well organised without a great team and our global partners.

Ivan Lakshinsky is the founder of Safe Nations Alliance.
"There are three classes of people.
Those who see.
Those who see when they are shown.
Those who do not see."

Leonardo Da Vinci
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