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Care not only about financial enrichment, but intellectual too. Everyone can help adults and children. All you need for this is your own desire. Desire to help. Those who think that help can be only of financial nature, are mistaken.

Charitable organizations are legal entities organized by people. It's not a money box, neither it is a group of well-wishers, it's just a way to do good legally. Such organizations always have their goals specified in their statutes.

The world has enough food to feed the entire population of the globe. However, each ninth person around the world goes hungry. The problem is especially acute for Central Africa, it is still the country with the highest level of poverty.

Humankind is facing serious health issues. Fortunately, many deceases can be cured with vaccines but often not without aftermath – obesity, physical weakness and other health impacts whose rates keep growing.

Even the strongest people may have the day when they need a helping hand. This is why it’s so important to care about others, to help those in need when you have both feet firmly on the ground.

First of all, what do we mean by “positive social change”? Inter-human relationship has certain established standards as well as the human standard of conduct – through certain positive modifications thereto – religious, cultural, technological, scientific, demographic, political – we can find the way to the better world and brighter future for our children.

Social change begins with small and local improvements and comes to bigger, internationally wide issues such as global climate change.

The virus has an alarming global effect; we are facing the new, unfamiliar reality we still cannot fully comprehend. The striking economic catastrophe will deepen existing inequalities between the wealthy and the poor.

The condition of children became the matter of global concern in the end of WWII. Kids who lost their parents had nothing to do but to survive in the streets, they could not normally eat and obtain medical care, they could not go to school simply because they didn’t have appropriate clothes.

The pandemic makes no distinction between the rich and the poor. It can both kill a city governor or a street cleaner. At the same time, developed countries can oppose the virus more effectively – to impose a lockdown and social distancing, close public institutions and restrict public events.

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