Free the streets from Coronavirus
Coronastreet and Safe Nation have accomplished humanitarian program in Georgia - "Corona FREE street"
Georgia is the country which could be a good example to hold a piece globally. If we look at Georgian flag, we will notice 4 red crosses representing 4 sides of the world. Georgia could be a future leader as a peace-keeper.

Our humanitarian program is spreading worldwide, we are helping older people, children and those who got affected by the pandemic. Every country has it's individual culture and history, language and fear.
We want people not to lose hope, faith in humanity and common sense. In this challenging and transitional time, it can be facilitated by many, giving a smile and helping someone with what they can. Even a good neighbour can do a good deed.

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On 3rd of June, 2020, in the framework of the CORONASTREET and SAFE NATION projects, we held a charity event CoronaFREEstreet, which was organized by Europe Studies Labor (ESL) Georgia with the support of the partner organization East West Connect LLC (USA).
The purpose of the action was to provide humanitarian assistance (in the form of essential goods and food packages) to poor citizens affected by the pandemic. This action was thoroughly planned in one of the central areas of Tbilisi - on David Agmashenebeli Avenue. The beneficiaries of the shares in the specified area turned out to be more than two hundred people (more precisely - 236 units). The data was kindly provided to us from the Katharsis organization (the house of mercy). Our action turned out to be very successful without stress and fear.
Coronastreet Team in Georgia
"We thank our volunteers team for a great job, delivering food to people in Tbilisi. They have put together an enormous effort and time."
We plan to continue the campaigns in other cities and streets of Georgia, as well as in the main streets of Sukhumi and Tskhinvali. Georgian authorities, deputies of different levels may be involved in the action.
David Phurtskhvanidze , CEO of ESL Georgia
It turned out that in the dining room of the house of mercy, the floor had fallen a day earlier, and it was impossible to feed the beneficiaries on a regular basis. However, our team had arrived on time with the products to feed these people.
Ivan Lakshinsky, Executive director of East West Connect (USA)
We are inspired by this video documentary of Georgia
by: PIA GE
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