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Hello! ✨ I'am Ivan, an artist, musician, humanist and the founder of SNA

I always adored making friends from other countries, study world history and geography, these subjects helped me navigate my life and understand in what direction I want to move with the world.

The world has changed beyond recognition in recent decades and continues to change at a cosmic pace.

We used to be able to explore the world freely and gain knowledge that would later be useful to people and the world at large. We lived with ideas to dream and create, to admire and be admired. Most had a taste for beauty and a desire to conquer the stars together.
All this time leaped away from us with the advent of computer technology, which further drove us into the net isolating us from real communication, gradually building a virtual community replacing the real one. With the emergence of this trend, we ceased to be involved in the real life of people and began to draw information through networks and media.

The year 2020 has shown how many people are uneducated, unaware of their laws, unable to defend their rights and not safe both physically and informationally.Freedom of personal space, freedom of creativity turned into history and censorship for manipulation.

Of course, any educated and sensible person who has grown up in a healthy society and been raised in a family of ethical and moral values of humanity understands that he is being fooled.

I remember when our family had a television set, it was very hard to tear ourselves away from it, but nevertheless our parents forbade us to spend much of our precious time in front of it. Now I see everyone on public transport looking at their smartphones and not talking to their neighbors. I am concerned about this trend because people can be fooled when they are separated. We have been hypnotized to be used for someone else's purposes.

It is time to come out of our sleep and unite for the sake of our future and the future of our children. We must protect their world and teach them how to filter out false information from true information. We will also build the set of tools based on human forces.

If you remove interracial conflicts as well as the infringement of minority rights, people can enter into open dialogue and negotiate directly without the use of intermediaries. Intermediaries will always have an interest and the higher the price, the greater the loss to the conflicting parties.We need to get out of the fear of dependence on someone, learn to take responsibility for what we have done and move forward confidently with the truth even if the picture does not fit the glossy magazines.

Founder of SNA Ivan Lakshinsky

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