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Safe Nations Forum
"Mindset Revolution"

Our future and the future of all humanity depends on real human interaction. To understand where humanity is headed, we need to understand the mindset of each individual. As the world increasingly descends into psychosis, this means that it is the instability of the psyche that is the result of all the current problems. We will try to change the perception of the world through a healthy dialogue.

Safe Nations Forum unites global enthusiasts, activists and visionaries to form a healthy way of thinking that influences the further development of global, modern, multicultural society


In 2020, Pandemic COVID-19 burst into our lives suddenly and unexpectedly. Destroying not only the weak, but values and freedom in which humanity lived for centuries. Some help the weak, while others use the occasion to fulfil their advantages from others.

We have seen how fragile and unprotected the world is. Not only of viruses, but also of ideology, human values, morality and ethics.

However we have also seen how this fragile world can be united. How unskilled people can perform difficult tasks. Clearly the vector of humanity's future was set in the direction of altruism and international unity.

Now is precisely the time to restore trust and make decisive
choices, as the need to change priorities, values and the urgency to reform systems intensifies around the world.

Safe Nations Alliance is a pioneering ecosystem, built on the joint interactional groups and people seeking to change the usual consumerist attitude into a constructive humane one. A fair choice for everyone.

Agenda of "Mindset Revolution" is a revision of the values of humanity, to mobilize the world's minds for the formation of new leaders, focused on partnerships and based on shared human values.

In these troubled times,' humanity must take responsibility for its actions and its lives into own hands. The great change begins within each one of us. But we must solve problems together, collectively, by involving all sectors of society, entrepreneurs, scientists, businessmen, students, teachers, and the transparent media.

The Safe Nations Forum agenda will also mark the launch of preparations for a special annual meeting in the fall. During this session we will focus on one of the five strands of the "Mindset Revolution”:

Meet the founder and initiators of the forum
Order is always born out of chaos; it is important to understand the sequence of actions in time and begin to act immediately
Ivan Lakshinsky
Founder / Head of SNA
Ivan is a versatile person, having worked in IT and education for 12 years. For the last 3 years he has been doing charity work and developing an international alliance for sustainable development.
David Phurtskhvanidze
Head of Security of SNA
Colonel, Astrophysicist, Political scientist. Publicist. Corporate security expert. Head of the Department of International Security in the Caucasus Region.
Meet the speakers
Dr. Gulbaat Rtskhiladze
Politologist (PhD), Founder of the Think-tank Institute of Eurasia
Dr. Kato Samuel Namuene
Forest Informatics, Plant Ecology, Biostatistics, IT Consultant
Kombe Moses Namuene
Humanitarian activities, occupational safety, security, health, environment and risk management
Dr. Waqas Ahmed
Senior Lecturer at Westminster international university in Tashkent
Meet humanitarian team members of SNA
Waqas Khuram
Operational management / Member of SNA
Muhammad Tariq
Senior Volunteer / Member of SNA
Education in Asia / Member of SNA
Mahendra Kumar Jain
IT Department / Member of SNA
Special guests
Precious Azuonwu
Digital Business Consultant / Social Entrepreneur
Atta Ullah Khan
Human Rights activist / Educationalist


Second part of our session, we will discuss the legislative frameworks for the further consideration in the following areas:

Cyber hygiene and security legislation (especially for children)

Genetic experiments on humans should be banned, they put all mankind at risk of annihilation. Protecting the human genetic code and prohibit deteriorating components that affect the devolution of intelligent human development and intellectual identity.

Security of cultural and historical identity

Psychophysical control of the intellect and influences on human being

Human rights issues, especially sex identity and racial equality.

We are in the early stages of forming our community, so we invite everyone to join in a discussion if you feel it is essential for you. Our Panel Board is divided into 5 continents: North American, South American, Euro-Asian, African, Australian and Oceanian.

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