Safe Nations
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We answered the most popular questions about the Safe Nations Alliance. If you didn't find the answer here, we'll be glad to help you by e-mail. Write us to
What does Safe Nations stand for?
Today we are faced with a situation where the existing structures established in the post-war period have been transformed into transnational organizations solving the non-profit tasks of transnational corporations.

As the present states have taken the form of raw material, manufacturing and power corporations, giving freedom to the populations of countries only within the limits of their own interests. We are an active group of fellow thinkers who have decided together to adopt a different form of international cooperation from the official national structures.

We do not want to break the existing system or go against it, no. We are uniting in a supranational alliance, which in our vision will work for the good of the people and the development of the Great Nations.

A new technological jump requires a completely new and unique crossbreed in time and thought. People must learn to live independently without relying on anyone who they think will decide their future security.

The new future depends entirely on people embracing the fullness of fear, threats, opportunities, challenging themselves first and foremost.

Only the bravest will be able to cross over to the transformation of the new world order of freedom of choice and inner security.
Who can join the alliance?
All who wish to help their true nation, the integrity of their people, teach, share experiences, technology and the development of family values will be able to join the alliance.

Members of the alliance can become both individuals and legal entities.
What is Safe Nations' mission?
Our mission is to build a decentralized society of a supranational structure, where human values live, where people and their qualities are valued rather than common world standards.
How is the alliance's legal structure formed?
The structure of Safe Nations is in the form of a union without a single governing body. It is a proactive alliance of committed citizens from different countries.

We stay out of politics and international geopolitical games. We care about the historical integrity of the nations and their future development. For this reason, each of its members takes responsibility for the legal conduct of the alliance's activities on its lawful territory.

The Alliance is more like an interest club, where the key focus of the majority is to help and support the vitality and human values of their nation.

If something concerns the international activities of the members of the alliance, each negotiates among themselves within the framework of international law.
How do I participate in Safe Nations projects?
Before engaging in any unions of common interest, we must make sure that our interests are aligned. To do so, you can fill out the form or email us at
Is Safe Nations incorporated into the United Nations?
We have nothing to do with the United Nations, although it is likely that we can build productive cooperation to deal with many issues together.
How do I become a Safe Nations partner?
You can partner with our union members in their particular activity.
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