CORONASTREET & Safe nation IN Bangladesh
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Many families in Bangladesh live below the poverty level and during pandemic hit they have to fight to survive.

Why Bangladesh needs our help?

Bangladesh was hit in early March 2020 by Covid 19 Pandemic. It introduced special measures at the airport from February 2020. The Government was an observant as what the other countries do and how to deal with the virus spread. Finally, the Bangladesh government took the initiative to lock down the whole country for 30 days.

The lockdown took place from March 25th, 2020, and it's almost three times to be rescheduled and extended until May 16th, 2020. Major exports, imports and trades have stopped.

All commercial activities have stopped. The citizens of Bangladesh are without actions and without earning sources.
Most organisations lowered the income, people in need of assistance to survive during this pandemic situation. The Government and some private organisations are trying to give support, but this is not enough, because Bangladesh is densely populated. In that case, Bangladesh needs more help from the international level.

The business industry has already lost a lot of money. The Government of Bangladesh allocated 8 Billion US dollars to the concerned quarters. Still, the affected mass of the communities are not yet covered, and the way for starvation and civil disturbances is near.
With real help we can prevent starvation growth and the risk health problems. The teams will provide a package for the Covid 19 victims families

5 KG
Yellow Lentils
2 KG
1 KG
1 KG
Cooking Oil
1 Litre
1 Pcs
Oral Saline
4 Pcs
The team is getting prepared for the mission
Who is carrying the mission in Asia?
Find out what is going on in Bangladesh, the state of living and challenges people face during this time.

A multi-dimensional educational consulting house based in Dhaka particularly to promote Bangladeshi students in a better world of education
Eastern News Agency ( ENA) is the first privately owned National News agency in Bangladesh formed in 1968 under the call of the father of the nation . It developed into a full fledged news agency before the outbreak of the war of liberation.
The Coronastreet is spreading its mission across Bangladesh
Corona Street Asia in Bangladesh started its journey to help Covid victims and to distribute food to families in the northern district of Rangpur Betbari union led by CEO Omar Yasser Mallick and Team Leader Rangpur division Mohammad Rafiqul Islam Hridoy ,Co Team Leader Joy Chandra and Prashanjit Karmakar to execute this humanitarian project . It will continue to all over Bangladesh gradually under the call of Corona Street and Safe Nation .
Coronastreet-Asia, "Safe Nation" mission in Bangladesh 2020
We are inspired by this video documentary of Bangladesh
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