Safe Nations
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Safe Nations Alliance

Safe Nations is an inter-nations non-government alliance of people from different countries to support and participate in non-profit actions and interests of global community. The alliance was forced to take place during the Coronovirus (Covid-19) pandemic in order to support each other financially, morally and informationally.

The alliance is a trusted bridge of initiative groups in many countries. The diverse members of SNA are not politically active and are not in any way part of the state parties in their countries. The alliance's representatives and the people who form the union's ethics and values are free of stereotypical thinking and are individuals from various fields: professors, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, farmers, programmers, musicians, photographers and artists, writers, social workers, lawyers, teachers, and many others.

The alliance is officially formed outside any jurisdiction of any country and is backed by a mutual code of the alliance, where each member honors and adheres to the code it has adopted with integrity and dignity. Each member is fully supported by the community, but acts solely within the laws of his country.

The main objectives of the Union are to unite people of different cultures and countries for the exchange of common interests, mutual assistance, the development of an international group of trust through which we can develop different tools for application to the existing skills of the community.

Why is the alliance initiated without registration in any jurisdiction?

Currently we as a community are seeing global economic changes, as well as in the legislation of many countries. Legislation is changing all the time and the bureaucratic system always slows down all the processes and interferes with work and common sense. The alliance is there to unite common interests for the benefit of humanity, not countries and their political systems. We are in a time of decentralization and the development of an alternative economy, so attaching a union to any jurisdiction makes the union dependent and fragile. Just as people have become more independent freelancers, able to build new markets and attract people of interest who value human qualities more than money and connections.

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